The Moonlit Hex T-Shirts Have Arrived

I've been at the art game for a while now, mainly creating for individuals via commissioned work, small companies per request, and through tangential wanderings of my own mind.  All the while becoming more immersed in the fly fishing community, as this is the meat of my artistic toil. When showing art I'm often told that my work and style could be transferrable to products, and that it might be worth looking into.  Well, here it goes.  In recent vintage I took to creating a pair hunting hat designs that went over fairly well.  I learned that there is a lot of work and upfront expense involved in this product creation, though, it has not deterred me from the process.  I want my art to be shared and appreciated in many fashions, and to keep it affordable when possible.  It has been a long time coming and finally a shirt design will be available to all, but especially my main audience, the fly fishers. This is the first design under my own name and brand, so I'm looking to the consumer to give me feedback and reason to create more wearable, functional art.  The end goal is a full product line, but need to see how the first steps go before making that investment of money and time away from the canvas.  I hope you enjoy the Moonlit Hex Tee and thank you for the continued support. Head to the Print Shop to purchase

Moonlit Hex:

If you've ever hit it right on a balmy summers eve in the midwest, or other select parts of the country, then you know. You know that the big mayflies start there dance as the last light fades, and the big brown trout aren't far behind. The clouds of bugs form and the chubby, golden fish slurp and slap into the night. For the fisher person, nature's night light aids as casts are flung to splashes and boots get stuck in silty river edges.  Hopefully the Moonlit Hex Tee will bring you back to those adventures had after dark. 


Shirts are made using direct to garment printing and are Fruit of the Loom 100% High Density Cotton. Sizes Small-5X.

Head to the Print Shop to purchase