Happy 20 Fifteen

I am so very excited for the coming year.  I've got a brand new wife, and very soon I am taking a plunge by stepping away from the grind of the day job to begin creating extensively.  With my new work I will embark on a tour spanning the mountainous, western half of the U.S. hocking my wares.  Hopefully, I will get to fish with some of you on that grand adventure.  For now, I am honored to be featured in the latest issues of both American Angler and H2O Fly Fishing Magazine(Italy)! A big thanks to those publications, be sure to check them out. Trying to keep pace, I am moving forward with lots of commissioned work and slowly piecing together other originals to share with the masses. Stay tuned for a pile of new stuff in the coming months...I think you folks will dig it.  

As the cold keeps creepin' try to stay warm with these beauties.  New warm water prints available in the shop.