This Is A Blingnobyl.

New Fly Piece


Hi all, I hope your Christmas and other holidays were wonderful, and nobody got injured whilst shopping.

I recently finished this little beauty. It's called:

"This Is A Blingnobyl"

24"x36" , spray paint & paint pen on canvas, 2013

 ...Fabulous title aside this piece was inspired by the minds at  They knock out some pretty sweet flies, and utilize a lot of the contemporary materials that are making chuckable bugs better.  The goal of this piece is to elude to recent innovations in fly tying, as well as the twisted brains that are coming up with shiny, pink nuclear ants.  

The viewer should gain a sense of the cerebral side of fly tying when looking into this piece.  The depths of the brain and flaring imaginations have created some rad stuff as of late, and most of it works beautifully.  Consider the science behind the articulation movement, or the durable nature of many synthetics.  Someone had to latch this stuff to a hook. Kudos to these tiers. 

Look for a few more of these fly pieces as my gears continue to grind.


Happy New Year!